Bundeswehr Tactical Reconnaissance – Part Two (Arma 3)

We are a 3 men team (playing solo, the other 2 are AI) and our task is to recon the road that will be used for the next day's offensive by the main force.

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Armored Brigade, France AAR

A video AAR of a battle I fought as the French.

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Graviteam Tactics: Furtive Spring – The Bloody Road Up Hill 173.2

Screenshot feature about an operation that I am playing right now as the Soviets.

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What if they gave a war and nobody came?

This is repost from my previous blog. Some of the posts were and are more popular than others. It would be a pity for some of the new readers not to get a chance to read those posts. In that spirit, time by time, I'm going to be re-posting some of the oldies.

I learnt the names of every wood and all the villages, I knew the contours of the hills and the shapes of the lakes in the valley. To see so much and to see nothing. We might have been the only men alive, my two signalers and I. And yet I knew there were thousands of hidden men in front of me ... but no one moved, and everyone was waiting for the safety of darkness.

P. J. Campbell. British artillery officer during World War I.

After 40 minutes of Combat Mission PBEM simulated combat against my friend Olav, I feel the quote above puts it very well.

The image above shows all I knew about the enemy during good part of the battle. Red question marks are suspected enemy positions. The absence of enemy icons reflects that no contact has been made. Click the image for an expanded view.

The modern battlefield is a very empty one.


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Operation Market Garden Air Tour – IL-2 Sturmovik BATTLE OF BODENPLATTE

Simulated flight over the places where I fight in my war games is a little treat I never get tired of.

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The battle is talking to you. Are you listening? – Steel Beasts ProPE AAR

I have been preaching this concept of delaying detection and hastening contact for a while now and many of you may be sick of it. But it is a tactical principle with so many connotations that I am letting it guide my command as a general and basic framework.

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Realistic Briefing Maps for DCS: CombatFlite

I was looking for a solution like this for ages!

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Maneuver Warfare: A Wargamer's Notebook - Schwerpunkt - An Argentine Commando Fire Team and the Simplest Focus of Effort

A re-post from my old blog. Originally posted on 09JUL2017, I thought it was worth a read.

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DCS F-16C – Mission for Today: Rebels at Shamgona

DCS F-16C has been released in its early access version. I took it for a spin in the skies of Georgia.

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Attack by Fire at the Chambinga River – Graviteam Tactics: The Day of the Olifant

Welcome to a great DLC by Graviteam, The Day of the Olifant, featuring the actions at the Chambinga River which followed the FAPLA/Cuban catastrophic defeat at the Battle of the Lomba.

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Falcon BMS Air to Air Refuleing with Sajah's Warthog Extension

An expansion on what I said about Sahaj's Warthog extension. Clicking on this entry will take you to a YouTube video.

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Graviteam Tactics Operation Moduler – Olifant Tanks Now Available

A new patch from Graviteam brings us the Olifant main battle tank.

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CV 90/35 DK – Raining Pain on my Enemies! – Steel Beasts ProPE

About the anti-personnel fragmentation grenades (M-DN-31), which are fired from the same 76 mm grenade launchers used to fire smoke grenades.

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An Extension Gave my Warthog Joystick a New Life

An extension for my Warthog joystick removes stiction and is great for precision flying.

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Tactical Reconnaissance – Bundeswehr, 1980s

Simulating tactical reconnaissance missions.

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Steel Beasts ProPE 4.159 - Let Them Punch Into Thin Air - M1s Against Armata Tanks

In this new video, gameplay from an scenario I'm working on. The T-14 Armata tank is a worthy opponent against the Abrams!

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Marching Eagles: Waterloo – Video Preview

In this new video, I show you around the battlefield of Marching Eagles: Waterloo.

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DCS: F/A-18C Hornet – New Targeting Pod

The DCS F/A-18C can now do laser guided precision munitions. In this AAR I practice GBU-12s delivery with the Litening pod.

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Arma 3 - Contact

What's up with the latest DLC from Arma 3? Screenshots inside.

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The Tomcat, Myself and the Basket

Everybody's journey to performing air to air refueling is different. My many hours of practice in one blog post.

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Falcon BMS 4.34 - Bruiser!


Falcon BMS 4.34 is out! Lots of changes, very nice update. Join me in a video of my training with the SPICE, GPS-guided bombs.

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Command: Desert Storm

Desert Storm is either a standalone or DLC for the most realistic simulation of naval and air warfare, Command Modern Air and Naval Operations. Released yesterday, Desert Storm aims to war game situations based in the Gulf War.


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Command Desert Storm: Watching the Invasion as It Happens

Equipped with the AN/APY-3 ground radar, this aircraft can tell you the position and the heading of ground forces at the whooping range of 200 nm.


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DCS F-14 Tomcat - AIM-54 Phoenix - Makeshift BVR Engagement

The Tomcat addiction continues! A quick mission video showing the use of the AIM-54 Phoenix.


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DCS F-14 Tomcat - Bombs, Rockets and Guns!

Video! A quick mission showing the use of MK-82s, rockets and the gun. Footage from a copy of the DLC kindly provided by Heatblur Simulations.
The wait is almost over. Get ready!


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DCS: F-14 Tomcat, by Heatblur Simulations – Early Access in One Week!

Flew the Tomcat in the Persian Gulf. All the good things I heard about this new DCS fighter are true. This is not a DLC, it's an 80's military aviation experience.

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DCS MiG-19 Farmer B – A Cold War Era Soviet Fighter by RAZBAM/Eagle Dynamics

This DLC/aircraft was launched yesterday and I could not pass. The allure of this era was just too much, and after a few hours in the virtual cockpit I'm quite pleased with it.

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Countermining in the Persian Gulf – DCS F/A-18C

The Iranians are up to start a war as the victims of aggression. With a series of provocations that nobody could claim as theirs, they want to incite the US into firing in anger. During the last two days, a dry cargo ship under a fake flag was observed covertly mining the Strait of Hormuz.

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Small Unit Tactics - Delaying Detection and Hastening Contact

In his magnus opus Fighting by MinutesRobert Leonhard dissects tactical/operational/strategic surprise. In chapter eight, he argues that delaying detection is the first step to achieve surprise, which is a very intuitive concept to grasp. In chapter nine Leonhard explains why once your forces have been detected it is very important to hasten contact in order to deprive the enemy of the time he needs to prepare his defense and/or counter attack.


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F/A-18E Bombing Mission in Syria (VRS Superbug in Prepar3D v4.4)

I received quite a few requests for a bit more info about the VRS Superbug/TacPack combo, which I showed before in its Prepar3D version. I have a video for you to watch, if you are interested.


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Panzer Battles: North Africa 1941 – Recce and Security

Another camp-stomping action in John Tiller Software's North Africa 1941.  And just because we love tanks, let me share you a story from what is all the British 7th Royal Tank Regiment could master in support of the 5th Indian Brigade.

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Graviteam Tactics Under the Cruel Star: The Infiltrator

Continuing from this blog entry, it is now mid afternoon and now is the number is up for our northern flank position, which is occupied by the 6th Company, 2nd Motorized Battalion.

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F/A-18E Superhornet by VRS

In this blog post, my first forays into the F/A-18E Superhornet by VRS. A study-level simulation, fully combat capable has caught all my attention. Here shown in its Prepar3D v4.4 flavor.

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Graviteam Tactics Under the Cruel Star: The Loss of Homenki Farmstead

The newest DLC, "Under the Cruel Star" is now out for Graviteam Tactics Mius Front. The Soviet's 11 Cavalry Division will smash against units of the Leibstandarte entrenched in the vicinity of Bulakhi. The DLC is a 10 turn (playable from both sides) affair fought in snowy terrain (February 1943) in a map of around 48 square kilometers.

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DCS AV 8B Harrier USS Tarawa Landing

I had to try this for myself and although it was enjoyable it was quite a shocker when I followed the stock advice found in the official forums and from a couple of the DCS YouTube stars. The main practice that earned me the drink very frequently was the continuous trimming.

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Steel Beasts ProPE 4.157 - APC and Infantry Coordination

Steel Beasts has been upgraded to V4.157. Video!

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Panzer Campaigns: Japan '45

A video preview of Panzer Campaigns: Japan '45.

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Arma 3 – Global Mobilization DLC – Fox’s Hull Down

Arma 3 got another DLC, Global Mobilization, and it is time for war between the two Germanies in the 1980s.

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Graviteam Tactics Mius Front: A New Layer of Realism

The subject of this blog entry is a change that came out a while ago, and has to do to the turn-based high tactics level map (the so-called the operational layer). Hated by many, I find this upgrade a great addition to the generous dose of realism the game engine delivers.


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DCS F-14 -Guns Only vs Mig29A-

A guns only engagement against an AI Mig29A. When you go on the vertical with the F-14, the Mig29A has a hard time keeping up. Made a lot of mistakes in this one, better speed management is required.


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Close Combat Marines - Control of Fires

In the year 2004, the September issue of the Marine Corps Gazette came with a copy of Close Combat Marines. Yup, the very Close Combat we have been playing for a while made it to the USMC as a training tool.


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Graviteam Tactics Against the Tide – Armor Bonanza in Kharkov

A Graviteam DLC with Panther tanks and plenty of armor battles? I'm in!

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Close Combat – The Bloody First Enters Beta

There is always room in my hard drive for another Close Combat, even after so many incarnations and so many years.

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CMANO: The Extreme Makeover of The King of the Border

Command Live: The King of the Border has gone through a extreme makeover, and I can hardly recognize it now.

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Mobility as a Way of Fighting – Steel Beasts ProPE

The term mobility has been applied to armored warfare to such an extent that it has become a cliche. Yet the tank's mobility it is often forgotten as soon as virtual tank crews come into contact with the enemy.

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Armored Brigade (beta) Patch v1.006: The Minor Features that Changed Gameplay

This is something that I have been longing for in Armored Brigade: a chance to act promptly upon ENY contact and/or fire.

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Counterattack at the Golan Heights

The Middle East is no stranger to armed conflict. With very few exceptions, you can toss a coin at a map of the Middle East and you will find it dropped at a place where some sort of brouhaha or all out war happened in modern history.


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Command LIVE – The King of the Border

The King of the Border DLC simulates a confrontation between Venezuela and Colombia that has escalated into way beyond the conspicuous involvement of the US and Russia. Both superpowers are putting real skin in this fight, both naval and aerial. We talking carrier groups, nuclear submarines and plenty of air squadrons with no restrictions to kill. This is war on top of a war.


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Visualizing Battle Spaces with Armored Brigade

FM 17-15 (Tank Platoon) defines battle space as:

... battle space is the three-dimensional area in which the platoon can acquire enemy forces and influence them with effective fires.

Why this concept is so important for your tactics?


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The Simplicity of Things Lethal (Steel Beasts ProPE)

I'm putting myself more and more in the virtual commander's hatch and learning to lead my crew into victory. And also to death, as you will see in a blog post.


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Combat Mission's Tactical AI

The purpose of this blog entry is to examine Combat Mission's TacAI and its ability to find out cover and concealment, and if that ability includes figuring out a path towards their destination.

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Real and Simulated Wars

Started as a blog and as a venue to comment about how some computer war games and simulations do reflect real life wars.

Eight years later, the mission statement is the same. This new website will feature the same type of content plus some strictly relevant native ads.


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