An Extension Gave my Warthog Joystick a New Life

The infamous “stiction” of the Warthog joystick has been haunting virtual pilots since the launch of the venerable HOTAS. I’ve had my Warthog HOTAS for 6 years and to be honest I didn’t care too much about stiction (the joystick still centers perfectly after all these years). But I reckoned that it may have been affecting my precision flying and the idea of replacing it for a more precise unit was lingering in my head.

There are certainly good joysticks out there. Even bases that are compatible with the Warthog joystick. But to be brutally honest, I am not a big fan of sending $300+ overseas for a product that takes too long to complete shipping or for a product that is caught in an eternal cycle of backorder.

So I got myself a 10 cm black extension by Sahaj. These are true plug and play mods that not only completely remove the stiction but also increase the precision of your flying.

Yeah, I don’t have a cockpit but definitively will have to do something to take out the joystick out of the desk.

The extension arrived from Poland in precisely 9 days, packaged in industrial grade plastic. Installation was easy as shown in the video below.

And I took off to the best flying sessions I had in a long while. First waypoint, air refueling!



Fuel, please.


Guess who made contact again?


Contact. Wait … Whaaat?



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