Arma 3 – Global Mobilization DLC – Fox’s Hull Down

Arma 3 got another DLC, Global Mobilization, and it is time for war between the two Germanies in the 1980s.

The menu of this DLC is generous but strictly focused in the Cold War era and on Western and East Germany.

  • 419 km2 “Weferlingen” terrain
  • West and East Germany factions
  • 42 vehicles and vehicle variants
  • 21 weapons including variants
  • Various infantry clothing and gear
  • 10-mission singleplayer campaign
  • 17 multiplayer scenarios

As a bonus, some Danish units are also included.

It’s a great package, yet it’s missing indirect fire and air units. Not that you can’t use a mod or two for those things missing …

But anyway, my post here is not to repeat and list but rather to play and report, so here it goes this tiny scenario that takes place near a border town that is about to be encircled on H-Hour. A few cavalry troopers are doing their best to disrupt the Warsaw Pact’s initial operations.

That’s my excuse for using the TPz Fuchs and to report my success engaging ENY T-55 tanks with the Milan ATGM launcher mounted on top of the “Fox”.

The elevated mount of the Milan ATGM launcher allows perfect hull down positions, that aid immensely in keeping this relatively tall vehicle covered and concealed. In the screenshot below, it is hard to believe that there is an huge vehicle behind that elevation (screenshot from the ENY’s point of view).

One has to make sure that just enough of the real estate in front of the hill can be seen (see screenshot above) and yes you are still liable of getting shot at if the ENY acquires you. Just make sure to not to be cocky and pull back into cover while you reload your next ATGM.

Unfortunately, the Milan ATGM is not a Javelin-fire-and-forget missile, so you will have to stay put guiding the missile while it flies towards the target. Take that into consideration while targeting.

And just to add something very important, the recon Fuchs vehicle featured here is not suitable for a full anti-armor role. For that, you need tanks.






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