Armored Brigade (beta) Patch v1.006: The Minor Features that Changed Gameplay

This is something that I have been longing for in Armored Brigade: a chance to act promptly upon ENY contact and/or fire.


Armored Brigade has released a beta patch (v1.006) which among many other improvements, has two critical additions that change the gameplay in a significant way. At least for me.


The "events" new setting enables the engine to slow, pause or even stop the game when certain events have just happened. My favorite ones are the "enemy unit spotted"  and "taking fire". This allows the player to jump directly to the event area and figure out what's best to do without missing it in the sometimes hasty pace of battle.



There is also a change in the SOPs: "seek cover", making a unit under fire to scramble for cover. The flexibility given to the player to use it or not, allows for assaulting and not loosing cohesion within the units or to move a patrol out of harm's way once they make contact.

Note how the timer has stopped. The peril of this situation is adjudicated to the player here, who moved scouts through open terrain and a road.
















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