Bundeswehr Tactical Reconnaissance – Part Two (Arma 3)

As I commented in a previous blog post, I continue to simulate reconnaissance missions in Arma 3 using the Global Mobilization DLC. In this mission, I never fired a shot but it was one of most fun I ever had in Arma 3.

We are a 3 men team (playing solo, the other 2 are AI) and our task is to recon the road that will be used for the next day's offensive by the main force. There is a suspected roadblock with ENY tanks (T-55s) plus infantry patrols (ENY AI patrols are fueled by the Urban Patrol Script, in order to randomize the mission). The terrain is hilly and the are is covered in woods. A bright moon offers a lot of opportunities to prove our stealth and patrol discipline. If we find the roadblock, we are authorized to pinpoint it's position for either air attack and/or artillery strikes.

First thing to remember: you never do route reconnaissance by moving on roads. That's why we moved along the road, with extreme care not to be found by the enemy.

But sooner than later, we bumped into one enemy patrol. Fortunately, they did not see us and passed by in the distance. We stalked them until they went out of sight and with much relief we moved out towards the objective.

ENY Patrols!

The roadblock was cleverly positioned in a cross-roads and once we made contact, I set up a perimeter with my 2 men. I would hate to be surprised by those marauding ENY dismounts.

At first I called an attack helicopter mission, but the helos made several passes without finding their target. The T-55 tanks moved out of their positions in search for a better line of sight. In the picture below, I am in a ditch as they pass with their sights up above me.

I was fearful that their supporting infantry would mirror their move, but it didn't happen. I prepared for a careful re-positioning when all of the sudden the 3 ENY tanks came down the hill to their original positions.

I checked my men's positions for a last time and called in a rocket artillery attack. The results were devastating for the ENY.

I imagined myself radioing the Battalion commander to make sure that they bring up engineers to clear the road.






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