Close Combat – The Bloody First Enters Beta

There is always room in my hard drive for another Close Combat, even after so many incarnations and so many years.

This time, the big attractions are a 3D map and a multi-theater experience following the US 1st Infantry Division in Tunisia, Sicily and Normandy.

It looks like there will be something for the newbie and also for the veteran player. Despite technically entering the arena where 3D tactical war games compete, the series is a classic heavyweight that warrants a look.

The easy mechanics and the compact scope of the battles have been always a selling point. For the tired after work hours and the time-constrained player, Close Combat is an ideal mix of approachability and realism.

Don’t take Close Combat too lightly: a version of it has been distributed for tactical training in the US Marine Corps (Close Combat Marines). The first sentence in the Close Combat Marines Workbook says:

“I have learned more about small-unit infantry tactics from the “Close Combat” simulation than I have from fourteen years of Marine Corps infantry experience.”

I leave in company of some screenshots and if you are feeling like it, you can sign up for the beta right here.



4 thoughts on “Close Combat – The Bloody First Enters Beta”

  1. This is going to be my first love in wargaming. I remmeber, the CC2 demo that came with the Combat Flight Simulator 1. I was 12 years but for me it was the most amazing thing finally have this level of simulation of war. Hopefully this one is going to keep the same structure, with a way better AI.

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