Combat Mission Rome to Victory: Canister!

I’m playing this scenario “The Arverni Gamble” from the Rome to Victory/Fortress Italy DLC.

I am taking the role of a commander of a French company of engineers supported by M5A1 light tanks.

This village is south of Pisa. The most important objectives are past that wooded area beyond the ford.

Fortunately, the wooded area was not even patrolled by the Germans. I divided my forces in two pincers to attack the center of the village from the flanks.

Moving the light armor through the woods was (surprisingly) not a problem and we made contact way past this maze of trees.

Our attack on the left flank had trouble all written over it. A steep climb to a farm building. We started suppressing the objective with our light armor and the engineers moved carefully through the orchard.

But German resistance didn’t wait and despite the massive suppression, the enemy used every crevice to hide and continue fighting. Armor up!

Taking every precaution to cover by fire as much as possible, the Stuart tanks moved in. A less than perfect coordination with the dismounted engineers caused casualties, but the tanks managed to get an angle at the Germans hiding in the reverse slope.

The distinguishable “boomp” of a canister round, followed by the German soldier falling to the ground was one of the most exhilarating actions I had in Combat Mission.
Bud, it sucks to be you today.