Command Desert Storm: Watching the Invasion as It Happens

Command Desert Storm. The Thin Red Line Scenario. Inspired in Desert Shield, this is the Coalition's worst nightmare: After the successful invasion of Kuwait, Iraq moves into Saudi Arabia.

From the scenario description:

US reinforcements had already started pouring into the country, but slower than required, because the Saudi monarch was unconvinced that Iraq would invade (Saddam had privately assured the Saudis that Kuwait was his sole objective). A massive global air/sea-lift operation was well underway, but forces and supplies were by necessity streaming in piecemeal and simply getting the right people and hardware where they needed to be was challenging. In many ways, the rapid-reaction force being assembled in Saudi Arabia during August & September was a rag-tag motley crew of assets. Opposite them, just across the border stood Iraq’s best armored units, flush with confidence, ready to advance on a moment’s notice.

Besides an aggressive Iraqi Air Force, the challenge of this scenario is to stop the Iraqi land forces pouring into Saudi Arabia. The scenario starts at night and all FLIR acquisition systems are great. But the desert is enormous and there are not enough aircraft to search it entirely.

The E8A JSTARs based on King Kahlid AB are what the player needs to find the enemy ground forces.

Equipped with the AN/APY-3 ground radar, this aircraft can tell you the position and the heading of ground forces at the whooping range of 200 nm.


There is no corner to hide for the Iraqis now. My A-10s and Tornados are readying up to hit them hard.





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