Command: Desert Storm

Desert Storm is either a standalone or DLC for the most realistic simulation of naval and air warfare, Command Modern Air and Naval Operations. Released yesterday, Desert Storm aims to war game situations based in the Gulf War.

The real Desert Storm was a huge war and portraying it in its entirety at the Command level would be just short of impossible. Remember that Command tracks every single aircraft to details like fuel, ordnance, target acquisition means and mission/tasks. The Command version of the war offers cleverly chosen and designed 15 scenarios based in the conflict. These scenarios are historical, semi-historical and hypothetical and last an average of two days each. Their scope may sound limited for people accustomed to other war games with massive levels of abstraction and units’ aggregation, but believe me you will find yourself very busy with an extensive OOB that will require the best of your command and planning abilities. Ground warfare, an aspect that Command covers in a limited basis but nonetheless is embedded in some scenarios in a manner that is not obtrusive or overreaching, just at the perfect point to offer an anchor to the air operations narrative.

More on this great new DLC is to come to this blog. In the meantime I wanted to share a composite infographic with the air assets or OOB for The Thin Red Line scenario.




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