CV 90/35 DK – Raining Pain on my Enemies! – Steel Beasts ProPE

It’s not my first time with the CV-90 family of vehicles in the virtual lands of Steel Beasts and there is no doubt that they are fine armored vehicles. The CV9035 is an export variant which has a Bushmaster III 35mm Autocannon and in this particular test I took a Danish vehicle in Afghanistan. The weapon system that caught my eye is the anti-personnel fragmentation grenades (M-DN-31), which are fired from the same 76 mm grenade launchers used to fire smoke grenades.

According to some sources, these HE grenades are intended as a deterrent against infantry AT teams rather than a weapon that you can target reliably. So, the situations pictured here are unrealistic from the tactical point of view. I just wanted to see the grenades’ range and effect on enemy troops.

The grenades follow an arched trajectory and explode mid-air (see end of the yellow line), and all the fragmentation is shown as red lines.


The range is very small. If an AT team gets this close, you are already dead I guess.


James Marsden?


In this other example, I was able to throw my grenades over a building.

The fragmentation effects shown in the latest version of Steel Beasts ProPE are just great. As for the grenades, I guess I will be using those only as a last resort.







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