DCS A-10C II – Tank Killing in the Golan Heights

The legendary DCS A-10C has received a major (payware) upgrade. I went up in the virtual DCS World skies and used the new laser-guided rockets and the helmet mounted cueing system. A video of this mission is available in YouTube.

Mission was to destroy a Syrian Republican Guard Battalion moving west towards the fortified line. I’m commanding a two ship flight armed with Mavericks, laser-guided rockets and off course the gun.

A couple of Israeli’s F-16s will provide SEAD against the enemy, mainly Shilkas and SA-8s. There is also a SA-11 IAD system located a bit more towards the west.

I had to be careful not to be too close to the fortified border, because given the ongoing tensions, it was expected to be fully manned.

We ended up destroying some tanks and self-propelled artillery. Despite de major damage inflicted, we could have done better if my wingman would have actually contributed to the battle.