DCS AV 8B Harrier USS Tarawa Landing

I had to try this for myself and although it was enjoyable it was quite a shocker when I followed the stock advice found in the official forums and from a couple of the DCS YouTube stars. The main practice that earned me the drink very frequently was the continuous trimming. Honestly, I don’t get this “trim, trim, trim!” so-revered crutch for everything difficult in DCS. It was already brought up for air refueling in the DCS Hornet, and proven unnecessary by many, including myself. But yeah, let’s keep flying with the trim instead of with the stick …

So I went for counsel from other sources, like the NATOPs manual and Chuck’s guide for the DCS Harrier. Chuck’s guide also refers to a video by RedKite, which I highly recommend.

All set with the guidelines outlined in the previous paragraph, it was actually easy. For the video above, I will not claim any semblance of my circuit with a real one. I’m not too much into such procedural aspects of flying.

  • Start at 200 knots
  • Anti-Skid Switch ON
  • Select VSTOL
  • STOP Lever CLEAR
  • Nozzle 60 Degrees
  • Flaps: VTOL
  • Stabilator Trim: -4 degrees
  • Landing Gear DOWN
  • Control altitude with throttle and airspeed with stick
  • Slow down to ~130 knots, get to ~150 ft
  • Nozzle to 81-82 degrees
  • Control altitude with throttle and airspeed with stick
  • Don’t forget to “catch” the Harrier with more power as it slows down in airspeed
  • Match the Harrier’s speed with the carrier’s by using visual cues
  • Once the Harrier is hovering (relative to the carrier) use the stick for a sideways “slide in” movement.
  • Control the altitude with power, descend to the deck

Note the bolded text for trim. You can do this just once and you are all set!


25 thoughts on “DCS AV 8B Harrier USS Tarawa Landing”

  1. Great video. Question: how do you confirm your stab is set at -4? The indicator in the top right panel is constantly changing throughout your flight?

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for watching. Some 8 miles away from the carrier and with enough altitude, I would release the stick and trim it down to -4. It’s scary, I know, but it will take very short to do it. Make sure you have enough altitude.

      Please report back! 🙂


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