DCS F-16C – Mission for Today: Rebels at Shamgona

Abkhazian rebels have been demonstrating all along the Patara Enguri River, in particular near Zugdidi. The Georgian armed forces are still reluctant to cross to the Shamgona island and have asked the USAF to blunt the Abkhazian's latest daring incursion with light armored vehicles.

A two ship flight takes off from the Senaki Airbase. Flight leader's loadout: 4 x GBU-12s and AIM-120Cs. Wingman's loadout: AIM 120Cs and Sidewinders.


The enemy targets were located with ease thanks to the Litening targeting pod.


Pickle! The first guided bomb gets released from my F-16C.


Target! The first armored vehicle is destroyed.


Three more LGBs are waiting to be set free. In the background, the citizens of Zugdidi may have heard the first explosions and the roar of the two F-16Cs.



On the third pass, a tree hiding one of the Abkhazian BTRs was no obstacle for neither the targeting pod nor the LGB.


Despite the presence of a hostile SA-11 system at the Bambora airport, we bombed at leisure, taking out a secondary structure near the road.


I also strafed enemy dismounts patrolling near the river. Note how the targeting pod is aligned with the gun's pipper.


I took out four enemy dismounts with my cannon.


It sucks to be you, my dearest guerrillas.


Back to Senaki for a great landing and debrief.


Thanks for flying with the USAF. Hope you enjoy your stay in Georgia.


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