DCS JF-17 vs 2 Su-30s – BVR Combat With a Lucky Missile to Missile Kill

With a few exceptions here and there, BVR in my combat pilot career is sort of a misnomer. If I really want to be effective with my “BVR” weapons, I need to close to ~20 nm which is pretty much where you can see an enemy aircraft both in real life and in DCS.

In this case, I was pushing my luck to the extreme piloting a Pakistani JF-17 against two Indian Su-30s. I was emboldened by the success I had against single targets by using the tactics masterfully explained  by YouTuber “DCS Debrief”. By the way, I’m growing more and more detached from the mainstream DCS YouTube luminaries. There is a lot of better explanations and common sense in other places.

The video below will show you how it went against the two Su-30s. I think I got very lucky with a missile to missile kill (is that even possible or just a DCS World anomaly?).

Please watch it at YouTube for a better resolution.