DCS JF-17 vs 2 Su-30s – BVR Combat With a Lucky Missile to Missile Kill

With a few exceptions here and there, BVR in my combat pilot career is sort of a misnomer. If I really want to be effective with my “BVR” weapons, I need to close to ~20 nm which is pretty much where you can see an enemy aircraft both in real life and in DCS.

In this case, I was pushing my luck to the extreme piloting a Pakistani JF-17 against two Indian Su-30s. I was emboldened by the success I had against single targets by using the tactics masterfully explained¬† by YouTuber “DCS Debrief”. By the way, I’m growing more and more detached from the mainstream DCS YouTube luminaries. There is a lot of better explanations and common sense in other places.

The video below will show you how it went against the two Su-30s. I think I got very lucky with a missile to missile kill (is that even possible or just a DCS World anomaly?).

Please watch it at YouTube for a better resolution.