DCS MiG-19 Farmer B – A Cold War Era Soviet Fighter by RAZBAM/Eagle Dynamics

This DLC/aircraft was launched yesterday and I could not pass. The allure of this era was just too much, and after a few hours in the virtual cockpit I'm quite pleased with it.

A stunning, finicky soviet-style cockpit, two powerful engines pushing 3 tons of thrust each and a 30 mm autocannon are just too much to resist.

The bare metal light reflections of the airframe gives the Farmer a look so picture-worth that I spent a lot of time in the external view mode. The panels, the rivets, the intakes,the pitots and antennas poking out the smooth surfaces makes you wish for a thorough and close external inspection while the aircraft is still in the ground.

The Farmer is easy to handle and the engines push hard for stunning climbs and G-pulling maneuvers that will knock you down if you are not careful. There has been (already!) some criticism of the flight model in the frequently toxic environment of the official forums. But I will pass on giving any opinions.

The Mig-19 has a fully functional radar, which is modeled too in the DCS virtual aircraft. It is technology from more than 50 years ago, so don't expect the radar to solve all your problems for an intercept. Yet, it performs quite well and is great to provide firing solutions.

From supersonic speeds of +1,000 km/h to the landing speeds in the mid 200s, the versatility of the Farmer to behave at both extremes is quite remarkable. In the screenshot below, I'm approaching an airbase at a speed so low that it felt like flying a helicopter.



As with any other high-fidelity simulation, it will take some time for me to get fully acquainted with the flight characteristics and the combat use. But I can't hardly wait.







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