Emerging Fledgling 2 Scenario for Steel Beasts ProPE

I’ve picked up this scenario from SteelBeasts.com and it was great. Very approachable (just 30 minutes or so), a battalion(-)-sized holding action in which you control just a limited amount of vehicles (A Coy-sized group), enough room to maneuver and plenty of time to think about your tactical approach.

The situation appears a bit dire from the beginning, with the B Coy Group (that’s you) deployed over a 12 Km-wide sector.

From the briefing. B Company group is marked by blue icons.

The scenario’s location is fictional, with the kaleidoscopic OOB of a hasty coalition centered in Austria or Germany. I stayed in my Abrams tanks all the time.

Those bilows beyond the hill look so appealing for this Wiesel AWC so he carries on heroically to provide early warning. This vehicle succumbed to a direct hit from a T-90 enemy tank.

My approach to these type of defensive missions is to concentrate my tanks, wait for the enemy’s main effort to be evident (templating, sorta) and then hit them with a devastating attack.

Keep your armor concentrated …

We achieved victory, not without losses mind you. But none of my group’s tanks was lost.

Shooter of the week. The AI-controlled-commanded by me tank in the middle of the caravan scored a 2.7 km hit while on the move.
This enemy T-90 was lucky that the round coming at him has run out of kinetic will. Image from the AAR.
From the AAR: almost a headshot.

I liked from this scenario that it made me feel just a small part of the action, it allowed me to hunt freely without forcing me into obvious solutions and that my assets had a chance to win.