F/A-18E Bombing Mission in Syria (VRS Superbug in Prepar3D v4.4)

I received quite a few requests for a bit more info about the VRS Superbug/TacPack combo, which I showed before in its Prepar3D version. The following video, which I highly recommend to watch at YouTube at full resolution, shows a milk run bombing into Syria.

First things first, the video is not about DCS vs Prepar3D. Both simulations have their merits and pitfalls and thus I am trying to show you my early observations about Prepar3D. One has to recognize the great effort that was put into inserting military simulation into a civil aviation simulation (i.e. not a combat flight simulation, Prepar3D is a descendant of Flight Simulator X).

Handling the VRS F/A-18E in Prepar3D makes you forget that you are into a civil aviation simulation. The avionics is complete, the flight model is fly by wire (with some minor idiosyncratic leftovers for the trim) from the ground up. One gets full versions of ground and air radars, weapons implemented in all their capabilities and modes. The works!

It is only when you want air to air combat that you get a bit disappointed. But nonetheless, you can always go multiplayer!







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  1. Great video!!, very cool to compare the prep3d superhornet with the dcs Hornet. Reading about prep3d….not sureto dive in this non military sim although I see it has a lot of interesting planes and terrains!, but sadly without a campaign, story or even scenarios.
    Great job, very interesting.

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