F/A-18E Superhornet by VRS

In search for a thorough flight simulation of the F/A-18, I turned into the VRS F/A-18E Superhornet (AKA the Superbug), which I flew in the Prepar3D v4.4 simulation environment.

Prepar3D is a simulation environment derived from the old Microsoft Flight Simulator X that has an ample range of possibilities, including ones beyond flight simulation. I will take it slowly, because there is too much ground to cover. As you will see in the screenshots below, the visuals are just fair. They remind me of the old Falcon 4. But I'm guessing I will be indulging into some payware addons for terrain.


I also invested some extra moneys in VRS TacPack, an addon that provides the Prepar3D environment with functioning weapons, radar, and radar warning receivers.

And so I took off in my Superhornet, lighter in the wallet but heavy in weapons and hopes that the Superbug will deliver the avionics and weapons systems I ached for.



I was not disappointed. Indeed, I'm floored at the thoroughness of the simulated F/A-18E. The whole thing reminds me of the venerable Falcon BMS. The fully functional clickable cockpit, the flight model (full fly by wire), the weapons systems, the avionics. I have tried military aircrafts in FSX and X-Plane, but they always felt incomplete and like forced into an environment they don't belong. The VRS Superbug is very unique and likely the best military aircraft for FSX and Prepar3D.


The cockpit is very detailed, study simulation level and with almost everything built inot. In this screenshot I'm passing through a SAM site, which was put there by the TacPack. The SAM site has emptied its stores of missiles after shooting at me.

It will take some additional downloads and modules to get this thing into a full combat system. I'm eyeing the addition of FSX@War, but there is so much I can do with just this (Prepar3D, the Superbug and TacPack) right now that I think I'm going to relax and enjoy this study level addon for a while.

Just practicing laser guided munitions in GA, USA. Yes, targeting pod, laser and ground radar included and working.



All displays have functioning buttons. What a pleasure to fly in this luxurious war bird.

I flew around my home town in Argentina and I dropped laser guided bombs at some places I couldn't recognize. The Prepard3D stock scenary is a tad below X-Plane 11's. 

Returning to the "big city" of my college years.

So, stay tuned for more on this add-on. I will keep you posted on what I do.









3 thoughts on “F/A-18E Superhornet by VRS”

  1. Never heard about this sim!!Tell us more about the level of simulation, graphics, playability!. Is it just a flight sim or combat sim?, scenarios, campaigns!.
    Im searching for this info but the product page is not very descriptive.
    Thanks and congratulations for your new WEB!

  2. Yes , I like DCS so much!, waiting now for the Tomcat!
    Then I think I wil pass on this one. But eagerly waiting your vĂ­deo and who knows?
    Thanks and keep on!

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