Graviteam Tactics Against the Tide – Armor Bonanza in Kharkov

A Graviteam DLC with Panther tanks and plenty of armor battles? I'm in!

Graviteam continues to churn out great content. The DLC blitz has been un-interrupted since I can remember, and the accompanying engine improvements raise the bar for this niche of serious tactical war gaming.

Kharkov, summer of 1943. The Germans are pretty much pulling the plug on the Ukraine. Desperate battles between two mature armies rage without respite. In the sector featured in this DLC, the Red Army gained a foothold across the Uda river and the Germans try to hold the tide.

It's just the first turn and I already had one of the best armored battles in the entire series. Held my Panthers and mechanized infantry in reserve. Had to commit them right away in support of infantry holding an extensive orchard. Soviet and German armor, shoveling rounds at each other. When the Panthers pass through enemy trenches, the Soviet troops through incendiary cocktails on them. For the most part, the Panther tanks just shake off the flames. On the reverse slope of a slight ridge a Soviet pak front starts firing. That's a different story.

This DLC will require a thorough planning from the player. Both sides face challenges that will result in a hair-splitting battle.

Stay tuned. More is coming soon.



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