Graviteam Tactics: Furtive Spring – The Bloody Road Up Hill 173.2

Graviteam continues to deliver great historical tactical wargaming at an astonishing pace. Not only I'm still halfway with the previous DLC, but also I have to complete the one released before. This is a great problem to have.

Furtive Spring covers actions in Fedorovka, Peschanoe, Nepokrytaya, between March 13 through April 9, 1942. This is a unique view of the preliminaries of the Second Battle of Kharkov, with forces from the main units from both sides (the 10th Tank Brigade, the 133rd Tank Brigade and associated Rifle Divisions for the Soviet side and the 294th Infantry Division plus its ad-hoc armored units for the German side). The 10 operations included go from the early Soviet attempts to break through, the culmination point of the offensive and the German counterattack. The operations are short and intense(4 turns most of them, except for one which is 7 turns), with a low level of complexity apt for the beginner commander. Please don't be fooled by the short duration of the operations, the real challenge is to keep up the tempo in a terrain that despite being mostly level has a lot of micro-terrain features that favor the infantry fight.

Tactical combat is the meat and potatoes of Graviteam Tactics, and this screenshot feature is about an operation that I am playing right now as the Soviets.

The area of operations and the tactical situation at the start of the operation.


Full combined arms attack towards the River Babka and the only crossing available in our sector.


Plenty of light armor in this DLC. BT-2, BT-5, T-26s are major players in this operation.


A few T-34s provide a great backbone for the advance guard of the 10th Tank Brigade.


Chaos after successfully reaching Fedorovka.

Crossing the rickety bridge over the Babka. The crossing is ours, this is no time for caution.


I don't know what is this thing, but it just killed an entire German squad.


Within the next hours (one additional turn), we secured the crossing, consolidated our positions in the reverse slope offered by the river bank. The Germans tried to counter-attack but their infantry assault came piece meal and we killed a lot of men from the protection of the reverse slope. At a certain point in the battle, we came all out up the hill, heading for point 173.2. The road was littered with the fallen.


This is another view of the bloody road, now looking towards the Babka and Fedorovka.


A single T-34 just made it in time to point 173.2. This marks the end of this turn.


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