Graviteam Tactics Mius Front: A New Layer of Realism

Graviteam never stops improving their games. In addition to their DLC releases (BTW two more are coming but I can't share now), upgrades are continuously being added in the game engine. The subject of this blog entry is a change that came out a while ago, and has to do to the turn-based high tactics level map (the so-called the operational layer). Hated by many, I find this upgrade a great addition to the generous dose of realism the game engine delivers.


The movement of units in the map can now take two modes:

  • March: To be used when enemy contact is not expected. The units would be able to reach further but if it makes contact with the enemy, the player will not be able to move them in the deployment phase.
  • Advance - To be used when enemy contact is expected. If the units are moving just 1 square, the player will be able to move them during the deployment phase. If the units advance more than 1 square, the player will not be able to move them during the deployment phase but at least they will be in a formation better suited for combat.
  • Defense - This is a don't move and dig trenches order.

The consequences of this new system are enormous. Not only you can't exploit freely moving and massing platoons without restrictions, but you will have to be careful on the type of movement being used.

I had the opportunity to experience this in an early morning battle. It was not pretty: I had to withdraw two reinforced companies when I realized that they were unable to support each other (deployment phase restrictions). To add to the drama, one company ran straight into an enemy (German) tank detachment.

My Soviet troops did what they could, but the mobility of the enemy formation was too much.


The way Graviteam is able to model tactical combat is one of greatest achievements in war gaming.








3 thoughts on “Graviteam Tactics Mius Front: A New Layer of Realism”

  1. Wow, I have a lot of Graviteams earlier titles (Ok – all of them!), but I hated the interface so much they’ve largely sat un-played. I think you just convinced me to pick up Mius Front right now.

    1. Hi Erich. Yeah, the interface. It takes some patience to understand it, but give it another try. I think there is a sale right now (?).

      1. Great, I always wanted something that difference advancing in the rear and in the front. It adds depth to the game.

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