Graviteam Tactics Operation Moduler – Olifant Tanks Now Available

These guys from Graviteam read my mind. I have spent a good amount of the week playing the Moduler DLC and trying to get you some content regarding the real life tactics used by the South Africans during the epic Battle of the Lomba.

I was summarily interrupted yesterday by the release of a patch that among many other things now includes the Olifant main battle tank and the BMP-1 for the Angolan forces.

The resemblance to the venerable British Centurion tanks are obvious because the Olifant was developed from it. It is a remarkable feat of development that the South Africans took a platform that was some 49 years old and re-engineered in a way that could go toe to toe against the T-55s.

Unfortunately, I don’t see Olifant platoons available in Graviteam Tactics’ battle editor, so I went for the quick battle editor and there it was, the beautiful bastard. 55 tons of awesome Cold War armor fun.

I went into battle against Cuban/Angolan T-55s but my men got let down by my poor tactical decisions. We barely got an edge against the enemy force, but the Olifant performed quite well against the T-55s.

AAR image of the impacts that an ENY T-55 received from my Olifants. The 55 can take a lot of shells.


This Olifant was abandoned after just two penetration hits.


This other Olifant was taken back into our interior lines after crew losses. I’m guessing the tank commander is KIA.






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