Graviteam Tactics: Strong Point

Another DLC for Graviteam Tactics Mius Front has been released last week. This time a 2 day operation to secure or defend the crossings over the Don River south of Voronezh.

This infantry-centered operation will either have you as the Germans with their flexible defense doctrine or as the Soviets with their penchant for pushing themselves through impossible obstacles.

A Soviet attack across the plains surrounding the Don River.

If you are playing as the Soviets, get ready to cope with a conspicuous shortness in sappers and combat engineers. The way to get around these difficulties have been written in many real life battle reports. A shift in traditional tactics may be required and this is very exciting.

Gents, you are on the wrong side of the wire.

As the Germans, the operation is no less ruthless. The traditional counter-attacks that are so effective with armored vehicles, will be challenging with an infantry-centered and depleted order of battle.

I will see you on this battlefield soon!