Graviteam Tactics Under the Cruel Star: The Loss of Homenki Farmstead

The newest DLC, “Under the Cruel Star” is now out for Graviteam Tactics Mius Front. The Soviet’s 11 Cavalry Division will smash against units of the Leibstandarte entrenched in the vicinity of Bulakhi. The DLC is a 10 turn (playable from both sides) affair fought in snowy terrain (February 1943) in a map of around 48 square kilometers.

Tactical situation at the start of the hostilities.

The amount of troops involved in this DLC is relatively small, and Under the Cruel Star may be a great entry point for newbies and for re-approaching the game after previous unsuccessful attempts.

I just played my first battle as the Germans. You may notice in the maneuver graphics above that the German’s deployment has a 1 km bulge hanging towards the west. I was not proactive enough to allocate more heavy weapons into the battalion (-) dwelling in the Homenki farmstead. Of course, this was exactly where the Soviets struck first.

A dismounted Soviet cavalry outfit, properly led with Valentine “infantry” tanks, made its appearance in front of the farmstead. With a very modest artillery support, they plodded through snowed-in and barely recognizable roads. Immediately after contact, they veered clear of our lines of fire and deployed with much effort into the open fields.

German forces deployment.
A very shallow pit for this MG42. Note the terrain surrounding it, with plenty of folds that allow a covered approach.
A very nimble artillery preparation preceded the enemy attack.


The enemy tanks are about to become detached from the infantry.
The front German trenches, soaked in MG and main gun rounds start spitting out panicked soldiers. Tragedy awaits them outside the prepared positions.


A German mortar firig onto the ENY infantry.
Soviet Valentine tanks, cautiously advancing towards our positions.
Cruel but effective. The Soviets resorted to burying German soldiers in their trenches.
A German soldier bails out of his trench, with unknown intentions.
A panoramic view of the battlefield near the end of the engagement. Note how the ENY tanks (orange icons) have led the assault and in how one in particular made it all the way to OBJ Homenki.


Soviet troopers moving forward towards our left flank.


The crew of this Soviet Valentine is oblivious (limited visibility from a buttoned up tank I guess) to the presence of German infantry marauding around them.

The battle ended with a draw, but my troops retreated from Homenki in very bad shape. I failed to reinforce my Homenki positions with heavy and/or anti-tank weapons. I have effectively condemned them to be an outpost rather than a defensive position.



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