Gunner, HEAT, PC! – What I Learnt from the Developer’s Stream

Gunner, HEAT, PC! (GHPC from this point) will bring back that middle-ground simulation-lite gameplay of yesteryear. Aiming at the middle ground between the very popular frustrating online games and the expensive hardcore simulation alternatives, GHPC is lasing the market for a well placed APFSDS round.

DISCLAIMER: All images shown are work in progress and may not represent the final product.

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure to join the first developer stream and after that to chat with the developers. These are a few notes I took from this wonderful Sunday afternoon.

The value proposition of GHPC is to provide the players with a platform that is realistic enough to entice the tactical player, yet approachable, cost effective and fun for everyone.

The stream started around 12:00 noon EST on Sunday 03Mar2020 with all four current members of the developer’s team in attendance. There were around 32 viewers, who asked a variety of questions. Some clips of the stream can be seen at Twitch.

  • GHPC is based in the Unity engine. The graphics look very good and the level of detail for the terrain is high. A few screenshots showed that the engine can cope very well with long distances and large maps. The developers indicated that the game currently runs great in older computer systems.
  • As seen in the videos, there are tracks and suspension animations.
  • Ballistics are implemented, along with a damage model that includes fragmentation of shells inside the tanks. In one AAR image, the developers showed how a SABOT hit a round being on the ready to use inside a tank. This hit caused a turret explosion. This level of detail blowed my mind.
  • The emphasis of gameplay will be coop, with the possibility of having human players crewing a single tank.
  • The interiors of each tank are likely to be added later due to the high cost of implementing this feature.
  • A lot of work has been put into the targeting systems. This is to ensure realism in lines of sight and the optical peculiarities of each system.
  • The war around the tank: in our post-stream conversation, we spoke about the importance of having infantry and what a typical mission would look like. I was happy to hear that infantry is in the works (a mention of AT missile crews was made during the stream) and that there is work being done on the AI to control actions beyond the individual tank’s survival.
  • As it always happen with brilliant people, the developers know well the different venues that cater their market (tank nerds with both arcade and hardcore realistic inclinations).

And now a couple of videos to showcase the game in action.

Make sure to follow the progress of GHPC and to participate in their Patreon.