Naval Warfare in Narrow Seas, Episode 1: DCS F-14B vs Silkworm Missiles

Command Modern Operations (Warfaresims/Slitherine-Matrix Games) continues to be the mother of all simulations for Naval and Air warfare. The recent Aegean in Flames DLC is a tour the force for the very relevant topic of “Naval Warfare in Narrow Seas.”

Certain events in the simulated world of Command’s Aegean in Flames brought me to DCS World, which I know is not up to simulation levels when it comes to naval warfare tactics and procedures. But it can do certain things well if you know where to look into.

So here I am with this video, shooting down Silkworm missiles from an F-14B. We are protecting a shipping convoy (protection of sea lines) in the Persian Gulf (narrow sea), with a blue waters Navy (US). The Iranian’s intention to dispute control by attacking the maritime trade is being promptly countered by the US Navy.

Current intelligence indicates that the Iranian Republican Guard has Silkworm missiles ready to position at the Qeshm Island. This loosely resembles what happened during the Iraq-Iran war, when in September 1987 the Iranians fired Silkworm missiles from the Faw Peninsula against ships operating from the port of Kuwait City. The rate of fire was roughly one missile per day (!?), but that is not expected to be the case in this scenario.

Without further ado, I leave in company of my video (for high definition and better viewing I recommend watching it in YouTube). Take home lessons from this mission are multiple: the finest naval interceptor’s versatility in naval operations, the difficulties of countering sea denial efforts in narrow seas and the importance of rate of fire for anti-ship missile salvos.