Operation Market Garden Air Tour – IL-2 Sturmovik BATTLE OF BODENPLATTE

Simulated flight over the places where I fight in my war games is a little treat I never get tired of. IL-2 Sturmovik has a new DLC (Battle of Bodenplatte) for which the early access has been made available. With the early access assets also came the map (western Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium) and off I flew through major landmarks of the Operation.

Warbird for today's tour is the Tempest Mk.V.


Start Point: Eindhoven.


This bridge is very near the real life location of the son bridge. I think.


Just a Tempest selfie.

I just had to do this one. I have commanded airborne troopers (Gavin's Division) and this was their landing zone.


The Nijmegen bridge.

Let's not forget about the Tempest, which is beautifully rendered and a very solid airframe to fly and to go into combat.

The Eindhoven bridge.


Flying under the Eindhoven bridge.


The water in the canopy is always a great and immersive effect.

It was a great flyover just to get familiar with the Tempest. I was not expecting a bonafide representation of the real life terrain, but I really missed the polders. The main landmarks are there (although with repetitive 3D models) along with some missing pieces of the Hell's Highway. It would be a bad thing not to have a Market Garden campaign at some point.


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