PC Wargames/Sims Companies With Stellar Customer Support

Well, our hobbies are not essential needs per se. But as leisure time is becoming more and more scarce, when something doesn't work out of the installer you may feel a bit like in the middle of a crisis.

Here is my list of companies that have great customer support that pulls you out of the "crisis" at lightning speed. I even have gotten responses within an hour and/or during a weekend. So here is my note of appreciation to them.

  • Battlefront.com (Combat Mission series). You may not be a big fan of their DRM, but let me tell you that these folks have gone the extra mile for me and fixed my issues with an old game I played a decade ago.
  • John Tiller Software (Panzer Campaigns/Battles series). Head of operations honcho Rich Hamilton will not waste a second in getting back to me to fix the crossing from the old HPS to the new JTS.
  • eSim (Steel Beasts ProPE series). When the DRM dongle broke, they got back to me within hours and shipped me a replacement the same day.
  • Lock 'n Load Publishing/Panther Games (Command Ops 2 series). The folks at LnL take a no-drama approach to the DRM burdens so common in other companies.
  • NWS WARGAMING STORE (Rule the Waves series). In my humble opinion, these guys implemented a scary DRM approach for Rule the Waves 2. But they kept their word of helping annoying customers like me. Kudos.
  • WarfareSims/Slitherine/Matrix Games (Command Modern Operations). Well I have known the guys from WarfareSims back from when their masterpiece was humbly called "The Red Pill", and they are always very attentive to my requests coming from a total lack of knowledge.
  • Graviteam (Graviteam Tactics Mius Front series). Even with a language barrier between us, we communicate constantly in things we do very well: them building campaigns and awesome content, myself ruining the hopes of their poor virtual soldiers and shamefully sharing my defeats with you.