Tactical Reconnaissance – Bundeswehr, 1980s

There is a great discussion at the Steel Beasts Official Fan Site. In the rush to get the players into shooting, reconnaissance is something that is frequently overlooked in scenarios for tactical simulations. Not that I think that it should be included as a task in say scenarios (reconnaissance is a very involved task in which you hopefully don't have to shoot at all) but I still maintain that it should be implied in the information provided in the briefing.

Anyway, the discussion took me to this wonderful video about tactical reconnaissance.

This video and the great insight posted in the discussion got me all pumped up and I went through a couple of sandbox tests in Steel Beasts ProPE. A short account of those tests will be posted later.

I also tried Arma 3, with the Livonia map from the official Contact DLC, troopers and Soviet forces from the Global Mobilization DLC and the Spähpanzer Luchs (featured in the video) from the Redd'n'Tank Vehicles Mod.


Please note that what I'm doing can be done with the Fuchs vehicle from the Global Mobilization DLC (shown below). From what I read at the discussion mentioned earlier, the reconnaissance vehicles move at night and are kept camouflaged during the day. The scouts will then move out and gather information about the enemy whereabouts and intentions.



The particular aspect that I was exploring is how well Arma 3 can model tactical reconnaissance. First thing that surprised me is the great mobility of the Luchs vehicle, able to twist and turn on a dime, it was great to move deep into the wooded area that would serve as a temporary listening post.

I was a bit disappointed to find out that the sounds of the enemy tank engines were not audible until I literally bumped into them. This is something at which Steel Beasts ProPE is much better.

The range of this acquired target is around 300 meters. Although I see the ENY tank, I can't hear it.

The scenario included ENY infantry patrols. These enemy patrols have been provided random waypoints to increase the variability.

The ENY patrols' biggest liability was that they were moving and that increased my ability to detect them. But the biggest fear I had was to get detected and engaged in a nasty firefight.

In conclusion, Steel Beasts ProPE offers better sound detection and vehicle simulation, but only Arma 3 can give you the full control of a dismounted scout.


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