Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 (Graviteam) – Action at the Cactus Farm

One of the things that is great about Graviteam games is how each battle is portrayed with plenty of room for maneuver. But even with such bountiful in real estate, one has to be vigilant on the mobility of own forces. In the Cactus Farm operation, I found myself caught in such a situation.

It was early in the morning and a dense fog covered everything. Three objectives to be taken: the Cactus Farm, a crossroads east of it and an enemy prepared position on a hill covering a wide expanse of terrain leading towards the crossroads.

Weary of losses and maybe overly concerned about enemy AT guns, I decided to avoid a main road and instead lean my main attack on the Cactus Farm with one infantry company and one platoon of Churchill III tanks.

The damn fog was so dense I had to move my infantry company very carefully. The Cactus Farm was found unoccupied and taken promptly. The tanks were at this point a bit back because they arrived after a long march from our main headquarters.

The infantry company departed for the crossroads, across an orchard. Then the fog lifted and as my tanks just arrived to the Cactus Farm, they found themselves stopped in a dense web of trenches. What a mess to sort out!

Hungry for victory, I pressed with my infantry company towards the crossroads. One platoon was caught into the crosshairs of the outermost enemy trenches that I mentioned before as an “enemy prepared position”. It turned out to be an elaborate labyrinth of pits and defensive earthworks.

To my fortune, the enemy position was minimally manned by the enemy and although they fought us with courage, they fell to a hasty attack coming from the other company which I held as a reserve.

How much I missed those Chruchills for this attack! Stuck in a tight space, the crews didn’t sort out their own gridlock. I won this encounter, but the losses were almost equal for both sides.